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"Tempora mutantur..."
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What do I do in my spare time?

I do sports for instance...

This is an example for an image Swimming, running, rowing, cycling, soccer, hiking... Is there any better way of refeshment on gloomy weekdays? Not for me! I love to do sports with my relatives, friends and colleagues. I dared to start rowing in a skiff last year in the Kiel-bay... I like challanges, like the Balaton-swim (swimming through the largest Hungarian lake) and long-distance running. In this year I have turned my old dream to reality and managed to absolve the 100 kilometer Kinizsi hike.

...or dance salsa

This is an example for an image Salsa. I have longed to dancing since long. Finally, I began to dance. In fact, I enjoy it very much. One semester, a dozen steps, hours of tumbling and laughing. I cobbled also a salsa bible for beginners.

Few pictures about my friend and me

This is an example for an image I do like people and pictures, so guess what, I like portraits. I carried my old Zenit camera for ages but I am rather a freerider recently and collecting pictures from my friends and family members who take pictures at every moment and help me to save my nice memories. Check out my pictures!

My hobby: traffic engineering

This is an example for an image Rapid economic growth, falling maintenance costs and the convenience of the private car mean that motoring will continoue to be the choice for many of the trips in emerging countries. But if traffic levels continoue to rise in urban areas, traffic congestion will become soon a severe problem in Eastern Europe. Applying benchmark solutions may, however, help flourishing towns, like Budapest to avoid the trap of exacerbating traffic jams. See my articles on traffic planning and congestion charging.



Phone: +3 6 20 372 62 31

Skype: erhartsz

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